Tweeting Affiliates

As a technology teacher last year, I was frequently asked the question, “How does Twitter help?”

Inherent in my teaching colleagues was a time analysis approach to a new idea for their classroom. They wanted to know how much time it was going to take and if the time was going to be worth investing for their students’ learning.

The same is often true of affiliate marketers. The conversation about leveraging social media has been a part of the marketing world at least since 2008 and yet still there are some affiliate marketers are hesitant to use Twitter.

Some affiliates Twitter is just another place to post an affiliate link, but I tend to agree that it is a way to drive traffic to your site or a post.

Maybe it’s the teacher in me, but I am still wondering if there’s not more that Twitter can do for affiliates.

Yes, it creates community.

Yes, it creates interactions.

Yes, it creates conversations.

But considering how many users tweet from their mobile devices, the two step process to get to an affiliate link might cause a drop in traffic.