It Doesn’t Take Much to Have Church

Yesterday, I was being interviewed by the local news station about the disaster relief work Emmanuel headed up in response to the historic flood in October. We were sitting in the home of one of the recipients of the generous donations of FBC Orangeburg and Fernwood Baptist Church.

We sat in Victorian Lakes Mobile Home Community conversing in English and Spanish and received the hospitality of this single mom who showed us the repair work she has been patiently and consistently tried to complete over the past six month. Even as she showed me and the reporter the hole in her daughter’s room where the water seeped in around an electrical outlet, she kept telling me how blessed she was to still have her home and have her kids safe. I thought about when we were giving out water and food and clothes that first Friday after the flood and how she made sure that everyone had some before she took anything for herself. As she recounted her experience of having to pack a bag and be ready to evacuate her house to the reporter, I thought to myself We are having church right here, with a news camera, in two different languages. 

This is ministrieslab, popping up in the midst of need and offering you the chance to participate. If you donate from now until Sunday, April 24, we’ll give every bit of it to this single mom who is trying to make repairs on her trailer.