Entering Eastertide: Prisms of Light

As we were coming inside from outside on Sunday evening, our four-year-old exclaimed: “There’s a rainbow in our house.” Sam found it and began to explain that it wasn’t an actual rainbow, but a projection from refracted light (science lesson of the day!).

We caught this picture of it before it disappeared.

Sir Isaac Newtown did some of his best work during a pandemic including working with prisms and writing about refracted light. The more I thought, Eastertide is exactly like this rainbow we discovered in our house. It’s the refracted light from the light of the resurrection displaying colorful new images.

If these weeks at home haven’t felt inspiring or encouraging that’s ok. We are all processing a lot of change and grief all at once. You don’t have to feel inspired or connected at any point.

I have discovered in those moments when I feel most disconnected and disheartened, there are prisms of light that appear whether it’s a rainbow suddenly appearing in our house or a ladybug landing on your hand for just a moment. There are moments where the refracted light of new life and new discoveries appears.

Thanks be to God for those whisperings that pull us back to our centers and remind us of the power of the resurrection.