On Being Here Before

Since the calendar turned to 2024, there’s been conversation and recognition that things feel strange…not just because it’s another leap year. The same two teams were in the Super Bowl as four years ago. That’s not the only parallel. It appears right now that the same two people are somehow going to be running against …

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Ripples of Peace

When Jesus first appears to his disciples after the resurrection in the gospel of John, he says, “Peace be with you.” I’ve been thinking a lot about that greeting that Jesus shared with his disciples and that we use as a way to call ourselves together at the beginning of worship. I’ve been wondering about …

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Spring and New Beginnings

Yesterday marked the first day of Spring. It was a chilly one here in South Carolina and necessitated digging through the coat closet to find the winter coats we had put away thinking the cold mornings had passed. This isn’t unusual for where we live. There is often a taste of Spring that tempts and …

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Lent: Finding Rebirth

Our kids love going on nature walks. They want to find creatures and treasures. It’s always interesting and fun to see what they find that qualifies. Often our Saturday trip to the park ends with what we call “turtle time,” or the search for turtles in the pond that is adjacent to the playground. For …

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Changing Routines

If you were to ask our six-month old what she thought about her crib, I think she would say she tolerates it. She does like being able to see through the sides of the crib and she does like having space to roll over onto her stomach, which is currently her favorite sleeping position. But …

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Genuine Love

Ashes to Ashes  Dust to Dust Soften our hearts Renew our trust That you breathed  Into the dust And call us to adjust To our belovedness. 

Building Bridges

Shortly after we moved from Columbia, they began work on a bridge on Highway 378 . It’s still not completed. It’s been almost three years and as we have moved between the city where we lived and the city where we now live, we have watched the cranes slowly put a new bridge in place. …

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