Individualized Experiences

When I was trying to work on implementing a one-to-one program with iPads at my school, people often asked me why iPads.

After answering this question numerous times, I resulted to this

It creates a unique individual experience.

And that’s the gist of it.

It’s not about the iPad or the technology behind the iPads. People fall in love with using an iPad because they discover that one app that saves them time or offers organization in a way they desperately need it.

For me, as a teacher of ancient history last year, it was the History: Maps of the World app and TimeLine app that compared events from different regions of the world. After several unsuccessful attempts to explain the difference between counting in BCE and CE, students manipulated the TimeLine app and said, “Oh I get it! It counts down and then counts up.”

This happens to fit beautifully into the argument for individualizing curriculum rather than the pressure to standardized curriculum.

To adopt a one-to-one iPad program is defying the current political pulse of the educational policy and yet schools are still doing it.


Because they recognize this is where learning is headed. This is the future of education.

Is the world of education ahead of affiliate marketing again?