“Love that You Are a Women Pastor”

Huffington Post just released an article that gives a run down of religious denominations that ordain women or invite women to be religious leaders. The yes column is almost double the no column. And yet, they also report: About 11% of individuals in a 2012 National Congregations Study identified their head clergy member as a woman. It’s …

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Academy of Young Preachers

So, thankful for the partnership of the Academy of Young Preachers and CBF National to provide this opportunity for young preachers.

Supporting Others

I have been receiving for the past three weeks statements and informations for my tax preparation. I have been shocked to find the number of nonprofits I have supported over the past year. I don’t remember doing this intentionally, I only remember that every organization had a friend whose dream was to go serve people …

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The Holy Desk

My preaching professor always told us that there was something about the holy desk that changed a person. He urged us that if we ever got to the point in our preaching lives where we didn’t approach this holy desk with fear and trembling, then it was time for us to give it up and …

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Preaching Weekly

I was just discussing this week with one of my professors that there is a big difference between the preaching I have done and the preaching I am doing now. There is something completely different about walking through the week with a scripture passage and seeing the people you are going to see on Sunday …

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Why I Write (Revised)

When I started this blog, I needed the place and space to write and work through the transitions from teaching to becoming a student again. I wanted to track and trace this journey as best as I could. Most of my blog posts at the beginning were about education. I still watching and waiting to …

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