Merianna Harrelson

I am the Pastor of Garden of Grace United Church of Christ in Columbia, SC and the Director of Consulting at Harrelson.Co. I am always looking for a good cup of coffee and a great book.

Childcare Shutdown

In two days, many early childhood facilities are facing the end of pandemic-era funding, which may require them to close. In South Carolina the estimate is that 600 childcare centers will have to close meaning 50,000 children will be without care. Even before the pandemic, there was a national shortage for childcare workers. Since the …

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Up Above

As we are in the newborn season again, Twinkle Twinkle has become a part of our nightly routine either sung by our seven and four-year-old or hummed in the wee hours of the morning. As I was humming the tune, I was struck by the line “up above the world so high.” My thoughts, already …

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National Daughter Day

Today is National Daughter Day, which just happens to fall after a full weekend where all four of our daughters were together. As I have walked this journey of mothering daughters, every season and stage has led me to understand that it is extremely difficult to grow up in a female body. From preschool princess …

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Keeping Watch Over Night

When we were in the hospital as we welcomed our daughter into the world, I was reminded of those who work and keep watch over night. We had the same night nurse both nights and she explained that she had always worked nights. She found it to be peaceful and fulfilling to help patients through …

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Healing is Hard Work

As I find myself in the midst of postpartum again, I keep thinking to myself I’m getting too old for this. It’s a lighthearted sentiment recognizing the energy and time it takes to heal after carrying a baby and nourishing that new life once they are here. In the midst of all this, you, the …

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