church life

Waking up to Death

One of the hardest aspects of the Lenten season is to the constant reminder that we are dust and to dust we shall return. As a preacher, I welcome the times in the church calendar like now where scripture lends itself to the promise and hope of resurrection and will come again. For some, the …

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Too Sick To Pray

The news of babies been shot as they are in their cars with their families… I’ve been too sick to pray, Lord That’s why we ain’t talked in a while It’s been some of them days, Lord The news of a Category 5 Hurricane creeping closer… Never needed You more I woulda called You before …

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From Behind the Table

From behind the table, I see hands being washed. From behind the table, I see the veil lifted – the body and the blood revealed.   From behind the table, I see the bread broken – crumbs falling down. From behind the table, I see the cup lifted – the smell of fruit wafting in …

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