Running on Fumes

Early this week, I recounted running out of gas for the first time in my life. What I didn’t explain was that it’s not surprising it happened. I run on fumes quite often. I push past the lit-up E trying to tell me to stop and take time to refuel. I push my engine to …

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Preparing for Winter

In Katherine May’s beautiful book Wintering, she describes the process of preparing for a physical winter saying: I have spent most of my life trying to push winter away, having rarely had to truly feel its bite. She is speaking of the physical season but continues to elaborate that most of us do not like …

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Giving Up the Common Enemy Hustle

In the midst of the contentious presidential election in 2020, I heard conversations on both side of the aisle that claimed the righteousness of their choice for president. I heard justifications and defenses, but I never heard actual debate. Debate listens to the person and the responds to the person’s points with counterpoints without demeaning …

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