Today, it’s the clouds…

Today, it’s the clouds floating to me the possibility –   that taking sheltering finding rest letting the wind and rain refresh the earth   might just be the best and most important work.

Today, it’s the colors

Today it’s the colors, inviting me to see clearly.   The brilliant blue of the sky against the hunter green of the pines – The unexpected fuchsia of the crepe myrtle climbing out of the storm drain – The glistening silver of morning dew about to evaporate in the blazing summer sun – The fiery …

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Today It’s the Trees

Today, it’s the trees Speaking to me.   Reminding me to – reach deep stand tall soak up warmth relish in rain widen my view   And hold steady.

Basking in Morning Light

Chubby hands reaching out to touch the tall grass, Curious feet creating ripples in the still waters.   We basked in the miracle of the ripples the grass the stillness of the morning light.   And then walked on.  

Morning Light

When case numbers in SC began to rise, I realized it was going to become more and more difficult to find light and hope. The climbing death rate, the uncertainty about the fall, and the growing unease among people were all causes to be on alert constantly. South Carolina now has higher case numbers than …

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