Running Wonderings

As we start out, I marvel at the neighborhood waking up. Cars starting. Seat belts fastening. Heels clicking. I wonder what they are going to do. They are going to work, certainly but what is work for each of them. A place to wear heels, bring coffee in tumblers, bags full of work stuff. Do […]

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5 Things About Bi-Vocational Ministry You Might Not Know

1. Bi-vocational ministry is not a new concept. The discussions about the reference Paul makes in his writing to being a tentmaker circulating in seminary classrooms and churches are becoming more frequent. Perhaps, this is because churches and seminaries can see the writing on the wall that the churches we have established that look an […]

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Academy of Young Preachers

So, thankful for the partnership of the Academy of Young Preachers and CBF National to provide this opportunity for young preachers.

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Therapy Thursday: A Hug and A Smile

This week Willie’s sisters came with him while he went to work. The first thing Mr. Joe asked was if he could have a hug and both girls complied. His face lit up with a smile. Although he can’t see completely, he could tell that they were young. We told him that after our visit […]

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A Divine Cleansing

I know we progressive Christians aren’t all about cleansing rituals, but the two waves of thunderstorms that rolled through Columbia yesterday made me wish for my days in Germany when you would be stuck in the rain without an umbrella waiting on the bus inevitably at the one bus stop that had a cracked roof […]

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Therapy Thursday: Story Sharing

    Willie and I went back to see Mr. Joe today. Today, he told us about his service in the military, and he told us the story of the 5 Sullivan brothers who were all serving on the same ship when it was attacked by a Japanese sub. He told us that was why […]

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Challenge Accepted

So, I issued a challenge to Elisabeth in the middle of June to write her novel this summer. I promised her I would write, too, and that I would even call my writing a book project. Little did I know that Elisabeth knows a lot more about writing groups and writing books than I do! […]

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I am the Messenger

I hope for a moment that they both understand what they’re doing and what they’re proving. I want to tell them, but I realize that all I do is deliver the message. I don’t decipher it or make sense of it for them. They need to do that themselves. I can only hope they’re capable […]

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The Future of Baptist Women

A recent ABP article, discussed how women ministers are being received in the moderate baptist world and there is some good news: Opportunities to lead churches are increasing for women in Cooperative Baptist life, but not fast enough to stop the loss of qualified female ministers from the Fellowship, a panel of ministers said during the […]

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What’s in a Bookstore?

I’ve only visited one of these 17 Bookstores, and it certainly inspires me to book a bookstore trip tour. More than that, though, it makes me wonder what’s in a bookstore like these independent bookstores that inspires people towards quick reflection and silent browsing? I have to wonder if it’s not the same emotion that leaves […]

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