Walking into the Darkness

Tonight after our open church time in remembrance of Good Friday, I walked into the sanctuary to start the transformation for Sunday morning. This is one of my favorite parts of being in ministry: being able to see the behind the scenes preparation aspect of worship. I remember the first time I robed and participated […]

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Don’t Fill the Void with Word Clutter

As I am preparing for our Easter service, I can’t help but be reminded of what my preaching professor has always told his students. If you are going to break the silence, don’t fill the void with word clutter. Meaning, make sure that what you have to say comes from God and not from you. […]

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On the Road Again, Again

After I wrote the post yesterday, I got in my car after class to make the drive home. The first song that came on was Willie’s Nelson’s “On the Road Again.” There was a moment where I just laughed, I had to because the moment we speak what we are thinking there are bound to […]

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On the Road Again

Last week as I was driving onto campus, the radio station happened to play Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again.” As I fought the fatigue of my Monday morning commute, I couldn’t help but readjust my attitude to realize the great privilege I have had in pursuing seminary. To be certain, the journey has not […]

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Toe Testing

As the weather changes, I can’t help but be reminded of the summer we spent at my grandmother’s pool. I can remember some Springs that were so warm that my grandfather would open the pool on Easter Sunday. The brave souls that were the grandchildren would timidly creep to the edge of the pool and […]

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Chromebook Replacement Charger

My husband asked me why I wasn’t using my new Chromebook last week. Even though I didn’t tell him, I couldn’t even remember where it was in the house. When I first got my Chromebook 11, I was so excited about the newer, slicker model. I loved the white, but two weeks passed, and it […]

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It’s Missing!

Recently, Buzzfeed released an article entitled “27 Sure Signs You Grew Up Evangelical.” I can identify with all 27. I know there are other people who can’t identify with even one, but as I was reminded about Psalty and Adventures in Odyssey, I was reminded of one of the Psalty tapes I listened to growing […]

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One Child

One of the aspects of my congregation that I love the most is that we are constantly exchange things: food, coupons, clothes, and books. There’s nothing better for a reader like me to walk into church and be handed a new book with a great recommendation. Which is how I ended up with One Child. […]

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There’s always this point when you are breaking in new shoes that you start running and you know that the realignment process is complete. If you haven’t run a lot, you might be fooled into thinking that if you have bad shoes and replace those shoes, then you are not going to experience pain anymore. […]

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Sometimes I forget…

that my experience as a teacher and more specifically as a reading specialist might be a central part of my ministry. Because I was a public school teacher, I had trained myself to show my faith in encouraging families and working hard to provide a quality education to children in poverty and in at risk […]

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