I am the Messenger

I hope for a moment that they both understand what they’re doing and what they’re proving. I want to tell them, but I realize that all I do is deliver the message. I don’t decipher it or make sense of it for them. They need to do that themselves. I can only hope they’re capable …

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My Bebop’s Desk

  When I was in elementary school, I asked for desk for my birthday. It was something my cousin had started and to which my grandfather responded by building on with his hands. I received the same kind of desk for my birthday that my cousin had. I was thrilled to have my own space …

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Blank Page

When I got to my desk at the office this afternoon, I discovered the note I had written that said: Jan 2014 There’s one continuous line under those words, but there’s nothing listed under it. It took me a minute, but I remember I made that note during a conversation about a due date, but …

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