Living in the Aftermath

On Wednesday, we received the notification that our boil water advisory had been lifted. On Thursday, we found out that the two blocks Garners Ferry that experienced 18 ft. of flooding would partially reopen. In the wake of this news, there were shouts of acclamation coming from our house! There is a temptation now to …

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9 Months and Waiting

This morning I had my 36 week appointment with the doctor. I have certainly gotten used to the routine of going to the doctor, but today was significantly different. There were signs over all the sinks, “Do not use sinks.” There were signs over the water fountains, “Don’t drink this water.” And there was almost …

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What is Normal?

As I watched the news this morning, I heard the news anchors saying again and again that what the Midlands community is looking forward to is returning to a sense of normalcy. I nodded my head in agreement at first, but then I realized that for some many families there won’t be a normal to …

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