Merianna Harrelson

I am the Pastor of Garden of Grace United Church of Christ in Columbia, SC and the Director of Consulting at Harrelson.Co. I am always looking for a good cup of coffee and a great book.

Owning Up

Learning to use online forums, be they social network services like MySpace and Facebook, blogs, or wikis is not a sexily contemporary add-on to the curriculum – it’s an essential part of the literacy today’s youth require for the world they inhabit. I hear teachers and parents complain about receiving emails and text message that …

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As a Twitter user, I find myself hoping to be retweetable. I hope that I say something or find a resource that someone might find interesting enough to retweet. You might say that’s not the reason to use Twitter and that’s not my main reason for using Twitter by any means. Twitter provides instant, free …

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Preaching Prep Week

I’m winding down my semester and am faced with the daunting task of preaching as a requirement for my Intro to Preaching class in a week. “It’s just like teaching. You’ll be fine,” are the responses that I’ve gotten from most people. But it’s not like teaching. My personal faith and my personal beliefs about …

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Depth vs. Breadth

The continuing question for teachers is do you cover more less deeply or cover less more deeply? It’s a hard question to answer especially within the context of the high-stakes testing emphasis. Will Richardson is trying to challenge his own thinking in his post What Do We Absolutely Need to “Teach”: [W]e could probably do …

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Thanks for listening

But these stories don’t mean anything without someone to tell them to I think Brandi Carlile has it right. The stories of our lives: what we’ve experienced; what we’ve seen don’t mean anything without someone to listen. So here’s to you! Thanks for listening to my stories and my ramblings.

Backwards Thinking = Backtracking

“The challenge we face is nothing less than transforming our schools from assembly-line factories into centres of innovation,” said the city’s mayor, Michael Bloomberg, who warns that the US school system is falling behind international rivals. Education is a mirror into where our society is going. As of now, our public schools are saying that …

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Teacher Contractors

In the corporate world, it is not uncommon when offered a new position to be offered a signing bonus (around $10,000), full paid moving expenses and even a place to live. Are there any teachers who have been offered any of these “perks?” I think that teachers will soon become teacher contractors. Schools, especially independent …

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