Noisy Peace

All is calm. All is bright. We don’t have many Silent Nights around our house right now. They are interrupted with shuffling feet, Willie Nelson playlists, and diaper pulls during nighttime feedings that make it hard to determine whether it is night or day; but in the midst of these noises, there is a peace …

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Fighting Off Numbness

One of the after effects of having a c-section that I wasn’t prepared for was the numbness that has lasted weeks after surgery. I’ve read that some women actually never regain feeling in parts abdomen post-c-section because of nerve damage. It’s a strange sensation to know that you literally can’t feel pain or any sensation, but …

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Open Arms, Closed Doors

In my first year of teaching, I experienced something that changed the way I view God, the church, and society. I was teaching second grade  in a high poverty school. Our school was 88% free and reduced lunch, the second highest rate of food insecurity in the district. At Christmas, my home church had always …

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